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OnlyFast embraces digital transformation in logistics industry practices. Our philosophy is in our name! But on top of our speed, we are expert planners and negotiators with meticulous attention to detail and a hardwired passion for helping others. 

Watch us create a custom and scalable plan for your business and help you implement it directly through 100% digital dispatching. 

We offer this complete and modern dispatching solution for companies of any size, utilizing the best analytics and technology to plan efficient routes, stay organized, boost revenue, and reduce your stress. 

You get free access to our cloud-based TMS software that keeps you on the road and in the know. You’ll keep an eye on both the big-picture overview and the intricate details, meet your weekly and monthly revenue goals, and view all your information quickly and easily from your smartphone or computer.

 We take care of all the paperwork you tend to get bombarded with and you drive!

Do business with the best dispatcher
on your side.

We negotiate hard to get you the best paying rates, while speaking with brokers, and handling all of your broker setup packets. As your dedicated dispatcher and logistics digital solution, we take care of lumper/detention and let you pick the areas where YOU want to drive.

Get all this for a flat fee of 10% per load. There are no hidden fees or extra costs for any of our services!

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